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    Sodium Butyrate 300


    Sodium Butyrate direct energy source for intestinal epithelial cells; Repair damaged epithelial cells;Increase intestinal villi height; Increase feed intake, improve the production performance; Improve the group uniformity;Bactericidal and antibacterial, a strong synergy with the antibiotic, and markedly growth-promoting effect. ostimulate effect for suckling piglets and weaning piglets, benefit to elevate weaning weight.


    Name of Active Substance: Sodium Butyrate

    Molecular weight110.08

    CAS NO.156-54-7


    Physical Properties

    Appearance: white or off-white granule

    Content of active ingredient: ≥30%

    Granularity: all pass 1.19mm sieve

    Loss on drying: ≤5%

    Heavy metal (Lead): 10mg/kg

    Arsenic: ≤5mg/kg


    Storage and Stability

    The product should be contained in unopened original package, protected from light in a dry place at low temperature ( ≤15 ). Once it is opened, please use it up in a short time.

    The shelf life is 24 months for the unopened product stored in recommended condition.



    Inside: vacauumed aseptic PE bags, 20kg per bag.

    Outside: carton

    Packages size can also be offered according to customer requirement.

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