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    Compound Organic Acid


    Compound Organic Acid is constituted by some acid .and excellent flowability, no adverse smell, no adverse tasteIn the normal pH value condition, Super Acid can effectively inhibit the proliferation of pathogenic Coli bacillus, maintain the flora balance and decrease the occurrence rate of diarrhea; Improve the palatability of the feedstuff, promote the saliva secretion and increase feed intake; Anti-stress effect.


    Physical Properties

    Constitute:Citric acid, Malic acid, Lactic acid, Fumaric acid and special excipient.

    Appearance: White micro-capsule granule

    Content: Total active acid ≥45%.


    Application dosage

    Recommended dosage is as below (kg/t complete feed)

    Suckling piglets18week):1.52.0kg/mt


    Finishing swine :1.0kg/mt

    Pregnancy Sow:1.0kg/mt

    Lactation Sow:2.0kg/mt

    Layersbroilerbreeding chicken:1.0kg/mt


    Storage and Stability

    The product should be contained in unopened original package, protected from light in a dry place at low temperature ( ≤15 ). Once it is opened, please use it up in a short time.

    The shelf life is 24 months for the unopened product stored in recommended condition.



    Inside: vacauumed aseptic PE bags, 20kg per bag.

    Outside: kraft paper bag

    Packages size can also be offered according to customer requirement.

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